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New from Riegel, fabric made to withstand the rigors of industrial laundering.


Historically big usage table linen colors like ivory and sandalwood would wash down, stripes would fade and whites would not stay white. Say goodbye to these worries with colorGuard technology by Riegel. Our Creative and Innovative solutions equal longer linen life and greater return on your investment.  Read below to find out more about what Linen Life and colorGUARD have to offer.   



As linen less tables continue to become more popular so has the demand for innovative bistro stripe designs.  These products are engineered with a variety of dark stripes on a white ground fabric so by their very nature they are challenging textiles to process. We would never recommend that a laundry wash white table linen with red or black, all in chlorine bleach, yet we understand that bistros need to be processed like white table linen.  So Bistros should be created with the best ingredients so the stripes do not fade or bleed and the white ground fabric stays white.  At Riegel we have improved the red and black bistros with our new colorGuard Technology. We have also created innovative first to market reverse bistros that are as easy to wash as solid colored table linen.

Ivory is one of the most complex colors to create. There are multiple dye combinations that are used to match this shade. Some of these dyes are highly sensitive to residual sodium hydroxide and bleach when exposed to heat.  At Riegel we recognize that ivory is processed like white with higher concentrations of chemicals to eliminate mold, mildew and stains, so we have created an Ivory that will be stable and mitigate shade change.

Sandalwood shade consistency has always been a challenge.  That’s why Riegel has taken the time to find a solution to this problem.  Our new colorGUARD technology can withstand multiple washings and ironings and still retain its original color.





Riegel’s Textile Service team has over 100 years of combined experience with fabric engineering, and laundry processing. This is a value added resource our customers use for fabric testing & analysis in our government certified lab to identify the root cause of textile degradation. They are also available for site visits for troubleshooting and to recommend process improvement.







Our 100% MJS spun polyester Premier and RieZerv table linen is designed to last a minimum of 200 industrial washes when recommended laundering procedures are followed.  Many of our new solutions have been created to extend your Linen Life.










Since 1838, Riegel, a division of Mount Vernon Mills, has been making worry-free textiles for the hospitality, linen supply, healthcare  and retail sectors.  Our rich heritage and roots in manufacturing ensures that we deliver products of both great quality and value.There are many reasons to choose Riegel to be your Linen Supplier.  Our commitment to service and excellence is like no other.  The value that Linen Life Solutions will bring to you and your bottom line will continue to be an asset to you much further down the road.  Let Riegel and Linen Life Solutions help get you there.



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Riegel Linen Co., a Division of Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. has been making Worry-Free Textiles since 1838.  Our name is synonymous with quality in the Hospitality, Healthcare, and Linen Rental markets.





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